Here at Custom Cabinets Atlanta we build the perfect cabinets to suit your needs, your designs, and your goals. Every cabinet is built from scratch in the quality that only our years of experience can deliver. No need to flip through a million catalog pages to find a design close enough to what you need. We can build it for you! 100% made to order, quality cabinets, at competitive pricing.

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Make your dream design into reality with one of our highly experienced kitchen designers. To perform all of the details of your project. Specially we create a custom design and made local cabinets for all areas of your home. Our company is family own and serving the communities throughout Atlanta since 1990. Most of the customers always act of purchasing a custom cabinet that has no idea what to do. In our company, we sit together with our customer and discuss their project in detail. A part of us designer shares what they know with our customers and allow them to learn what they want. About the custom cabinet in a relaxed surrounding. They enable them to make sound decisions based on information, not sales tactics.


Without help we have a skilled worker who has more than ten years of experience using the highest quality materials available. We know that when it comes to the cabinet with its design, quality, and functionality does matter. For us, custom means we build a cabinet to fit your exact space and requirements. Since we are a manufacturer and hand-build every part of your cabinet. Were adequate to offer the highest quality cabinet. That is almost the same with ready-made kitchen from a big box home center. Were 11,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Atlanta where each part of your cabinet is hand-built and finished. We are honestly proud of where we came from to where we are now.


We carry and install your finished cabinets with our trained, and bonded as well as insured installers. Since cabinets are everything that a home or business gives comfort surrounding. For example, Kitchen sometimes the heart of your home, and it is primarily used for entertaining. It is good to have a beautiful kitchen cabinet that speaks of who you are. Personally we can complete your cabinet in all area of your homes that you will surely give your visitors a good surrounding.

Why Atlanta Homeowners Choose Us:


The quality of our cabinets is all wood and hand-built. With soft close drawer guides and door, hinges are standard.


Each cabinet door is built with 100% hardwood that includes the panel. Belonging to us laborer uses only domestic plywood, no cheaps imports. Each of our cabinets is built with quality and strength to outlive you.


Our customer can say what they want and we will do it from traditional to contemporary.Specially we work in all different style you want to have for your cabinet.

Wood Species

Belonging to us customer has a lot of choices to choose from basic maple to a different kind of wood. Give us the information about your project and we will get for you.


Our cabinet built from scratch in our factory. With no limitations on the sizes of your cabinet, we build any size or shape that fit your space.

Types Of Cabinets to Consider

Deciding on the type of cupboard doors for your kitchen or bathroom can give you a headache. Even for professionals like us, there are a lot of options out there. After all, while the primary goal of your cabinets is to provide storage space–whether it’s holding personal care items in your bathroom or any of the utensils and plates in the kitchen–but if you neglect the aesthetics you’ll definitely regret it. The insides matter, but most of the time they’re closed, and you should love the way they look in the room.

To make this task a bit easier, we want to use this section to look at the types of kitchen cabinets out there. Most of your flexible options will come down to what cupboard doors you choose, since the cupboards themselves are usually just cubby holes with doors. Many pro’s like to include shelving, or what some jokingly refer to as, “open cabinets”. That said, the odds are good that the majority of your walls in your kitchen or bathroom will have a lot of cabinets on them.

As a result, the cabinet fronts will be a large component of your kitchen’s or bathroom’s design style. It doesn’t matter if you want to make them bold and stand out, or subtle and understated, they will still take up a lot of space and a large part of you look at. Either way, it’s important to pick the right type and design to fit the rest of your interior design aesthetic. If your kitchen is sleek and modern with white, greys, and chromes, putting in heavy cabinets with curvy vintage looking pulls would look very out of place with the rest of the look. Vice verse, if you put sleek modern cabinets painted white with silver angular pulls into a kitchen from the 80’s, it would surely look like it had teleported in from another dimension!

So what options do you have? Here are some of the most famous types, and I’m sure that at least some of them will be great options for your kitchens, bathrooms, or even general household cabinets. If you have a smaller space and you want it to feel larger, or you have a lot of beautiful things to display, consider glass closet cabinet doors. They’re usually a bit more expensive than regular doors due to the extra effort and cost of fitting a glass of a specific quality within the frames, but they are an excellent options to open up the cabinets for a more modern feel. They work great in smaller kitchens, but most of the time aren’t a great idea for bathrooms where privacy is more important.

One thing to keep in mind when using glass cupboard doors is that everything inside will be visible, so you’ll want to try to keep the insides pretty clean. That said, you have tons of options of what type of glass is used, milky cloudly, imprints, or clear glass, as well as multiple color options. They are actually quite versatile.

A good general rule of thumb for you when thinking about cupboard door designs is to make sure the lines and the handles or pulls match. As long as they do, and as long as those match the overall room, you’ll probably be fine. Keep in mind, modern means more angular, more slender designs and often more of a white, grey, chrome color scheme. On the flipside, anything else might have heavier lines, more curves, more embellishments, darker colors or natural tones, and heavier looking pulls.

As always, it’s always great to pick out a pre-set design and adjust what you don’t love so you have a great foundation that’s designed by a professional.




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